Let’s be real here. Like all trolls, this is a story about privilege. It’s great for him to talk about n***ers, to post pictures of sexualized preteen girls, to “incite reaction” from the crybabies, because he is a rich white man. He’s never had to deal with racism, sexism, being on the other end of hatred. If he had his face pounded into the cement by a gang of white thugs screaming “f*ggot” and “ch*nk,” if hadn’t been able to leave the house without catcalls and the constant threat of sexual assault since he was 11, if his mother had been in a concentration camp, he wouldn’t think this was all such a joke. I’m not saying his life has been easy or good - people who have had good lives don’t start /r/picsofdeadjailbait - but he took all the power and privilege in the world and used to it hurt and attack and make the world a worse place. How about the teen girls who have killed themselves over jailbait pics? How about the legions of young men he’s shepherded into MRM and white-supremacist communities? Fuck him. No sympathy.

Comment left on the article Unmasking Reddit’s Violentacrez, The Biggest Troll on the Web (tw: rape, suicide, sexism, racism, antisemitism, violence, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, sexual assault, creepers, a man whose existence is a shit stain on humanity.)

Normally on articles like this, it’s a good idea to not read the comments, as they tend to be full of idiots that come to the defense of this “poor, persecuted man who was only utilizing his god-given right of freedom of speech!”

This time, I’m happy to note, you really do want to read the comments. Yeah, there are a few idiots, but the other commenters have been quick to pounce on them and illustrate just how flawed their “logic” really is.

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