If art was as heavily and effectively implemented into school systems the way memorization and english is (not to say these two are effectively implemented though but they like to think it is), I think a lot more kids with mental disabilities would have a slightly easier time navigating their schools. Art is so easy to mold and remold and open to reform that you can do this for just about every kid who needs it if you spent enough time trying to tackle this situation.



Happy Transgender Day of Visibility!

lavernecox <3



Happy Transgender Day of Visibility!

lavernecox <3


Complex works of the Venezuelan artist Rafael Araujo

If you blame Native American communities for their poverty, remember that the entire continent was stolen from them.

If you blame Black American communities for their relative poverty, remember that Black Americans were stolen from a continent, trafficked, and enslaved for nearly 300 years.

Tell me again about how your family ‘started from nothing’ when they immigrated. Didn’t they start from whiteness? Seems like a pretty good start.

The American Dream required dual genocides, but tell me again about fairness and equal opportunity. Tell me about democracy, modeled after the Iroquois Confederacy. Tell me your proud heritage, and I will show you the violence that made it so.

Kim Katrin Crosby, Keynote Speaker for LGBTQ History Month at Dartmouth (30 September 2013)


Today the official Sailor Moon twitter linked to an English version of the anime announcement, and confirmed again that the anime will be streaming worldwide on Niconico Douga this July. Check out the English logo!

"Meanwhile, Queen Beryl of the Dark Kingdom sends her subordinates to the town where Usagi lives."

The Shitennou are going to be in the reboot! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I’d really love to see Kunzite and Zoisite be a couple in the new series like they were in the first anime, but I kind of have the feeling that they won’t be. Ah, well… at least I know that I’ll get to see them again.

Which Dewey Decimal Category Are You? →


Result: 900s, History and Geography - big surprise.

I’m the 000s. “Generalities! You have a passion for general knowledge and information. You love locating information in books, reference works, and on the computer. You also enjoy keeping up to date with current events. Let’s face it, information is your life! And you love it!”

Some claim that Evolution is just a theory, as if it were merely an opinion.


Ježibaba in Czech and Slovak* | Baba Yaga in Russia, Poland and Bulgaria | in southern Slavic countries Baba Roga | is a Slavic mythological being that has the form of an ugly, old woman who lives by herself in the mountains or in the woods. 

Ježibiba is the personification of evil forces. When a human strays to her hut, which often stands on one chicken leg, they will be eaten. In this sense she is pretty cultivated and cooks the meat in her oven. In need of travel Ježibaba uses broom as a flying device. However, in eastern European folklore you could see her soaring on a mortar. When Baba Yaga is dying the trees are bending and the wind roars.

The name has its roots in the word Baba, which means an old woman. Similar character can be observed in almost all European nations, mostly only known as simple witch - a female who does magic (in Czech: čarodějnice). Ježibaba is also the main villain in Czech version of the German fairytale Hansel and Gretel

Ugandan President’s Daughter Reveals She is Gay →



In a startling revelation, the daughter of Ugandan President Yoweri ­Museveni admitted today during a radio talk show in Mbarara, in Western Uganda that she is homosexual, and that she is revealing this fact as a protest to the anti-gay law her father signed only a few days ago.

Diana Kamuntu, Museveni’s daughter said that though she loves her father unconditionally, she does not agree with Uganda’s anti-gay stance, and will fight against it.

“I am gay, I am homosexual. I have known this since I was a little girl. Also, I have been Christian all of my life, so I will not tolerate any law of this supposedly democratic nation, that will place hate on any person just because of what his or her sexual orientation happens to be,” said Kamuntu.

“Now that I finally revealed my sexual orientation, I put myself in front of this new law and I will let our people decide what to do with me,” Kamuntu adds, as her voice breaks down while on air.

The radio host, James Kasirivu noticeably was in shock, and could not seemingly get words out of his mouth.

The live radio broadcast was abruptly shortened and was put off air after a few hours of repeated commercials.

In the latest setback for homosexuals across Africa, the Ugandan President signed a law Monday that imposes tough penalties for homosexual acts, a move that has been condemned from around the world and that may jeopardize Uganda’s relationship with the United States and other Western nations.

As of this writing, neither the radio station nor the office of Ugandan President Yoweri ­Museveni could be reached for comment.

WWKA wishes this brave lady all the best.